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Training and Implementation
ONLINE has a dedicated staff that works to train your employees in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Our training specialists take the time to get to know your employees so that the process of learning the software is a pleasant one. We also take the time to know your company so that the process is an efficient one. Many prospective clients ask how long the training and implementation period lasts. Each company will have different needs in this area, depending upon the background of people, as well as the depth of software utilization. We will tailor a training and implementations schedule that will fit your model and timeframe. For your convenience, you can train at your location, or you may choose to spend a few days with us at ONLINE.

Support and Maintenance
ONLINE provides comprehensive support. We excel in this area because we are the authors of our software. No more calling a long distance number and holding for hours. You may choose to call our toll-free Tech Line, or email your question.

Although MasterTools is very comprehensive, your company may have needs that are unique to your business. In that case, we can work with you to understand your business and either incorporate your requirements into MasterTools or develop special code just for your organization.

Data Conversion
When implementing MasterTools you may manually enter master files such as item, customer, and vendor records. This option allows you to begin with a clean database, including only active items, and provides excellent introductory exposure to MasterTools files.  However, if the volume of data entry exceeds the time your business has planned for implementing MasterTools, you may choose to have your data converted. ONLINE provides the ability to convert existing data into MasterTools by using an import utility that maps data records, provided in an excel spreadsheet. Typically master files are the primary tables that are converted. Transaction files may be converted if it is necessary to maintain historical records. A set of rebuilt utilities is then available to rebuild master file quantities and amounts from imported transaction data.

Standard forms in MasterTools include Purchase Order, Quote, Sales Order, Pick Ticket, Return Authorization, Credit Memo, Invoice, Packing List, Work Order, Work Order Pick Ticket, Job, and Customer Statements.  Modifications to the formats that are used to print these forms include changes to the logo or company address, in addition to any new fields that the form may require.  Customized label formats with barcode capability are also available for Item, Bin, and Shipping labels in MasterTools.

Report Generation
ONLINE offers report generation services that include creating reports using the MT Report Writer, as well as custom reports that can be written based on your specifications when your business requires presentation of information different from the standard MasterTools reports. Reports may also be generated from third party Report Writers such as Crystal Reports because the database is ODBC compliant and uses standard SQL for selection of data.