Order Entry

Order Entry

Order Entry is the primary function for entering product demand into MasterTools. It provides you and your customers with accurate information at the time of the order such as inventory availability, pricing, substitutes, and complimentary items while instant credit check capability protects you by checking orders against pre-determined credit limits.

In Order Entry you can create a quote for your customers, change the quote into a sales order, or simply create a sales order. Quotes and sales orders can be generated for items with an established part number (stock items) and for those one-time sales that don’t warrant establishing a part number (non stock). Multiple due dates can be established per sales order line. As the sales order is being entered, you have the capability to create a work order or purchase order to supply the quantity needed.

After a product has been manufactured, or received, pick tickets can be created to fulfill and order. Pick tickets allocate specific bin locations and serial numbers/lots to pick for a sales order line. Pick Tickets can be created during sales order entry, manually (per Sales Order) or automatically, allocating available inventory to open selected sales order lines. Picking efficiency can be tracked by capturing picker begin and end times.

Additional Features

  • Import Sales Orders
  • Email Order Acknowledgment
  • Process Blanket Sales Orders
  • Track Return Authorizations
  • Define Customer Item Profiles
  • View associated Pick Tickets, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Freight Tracking numbers from Sales Orders
  • Associate images (i.e., scanned Customer PO) to a sales order
  • Modify kit components in a Sales Order
  • Configure an Item in a Sales Order
  • Create an Estimate from a Sales Order
  • Authorize Credit Card amount from a Sales Order
  • Track Sales Order Cancellations

Reports Include

  • Open Sales Order
  • Open Blanket Order Register
  • Shipping Load Register
  • Orders on Hold
  • Sales Rebate