Serial# & Warranty Tracking

Product Serial Numbers and Warranties

The Serial# / Warranty Tracking module manages activity on all serial numbers that are entered into the system. Items with serial numbers may come in on a receipt, work order close, or an adjustment. The serial number master is populated with customer and end user identifiers. After the initial entry, all in and out activity is tracked on the serial number including invoicing (out), material transactions (out), return authorizations and receipts or a credit memo of return authorizations (in), return to vendors (out), and negative adjustments (out). All transactions are linked to the serial number for review.

Warranty incidents may also be associated to the serial number with information such as customer, end user, reason codes, and comments being held on each incident. Replacement part cost and repair service charges may also be tracked for each incident.

Reports Include

  • Serial Number Profile
  • Incident Report
  • Incident Cost by Item
  • Incident Cost by Part #
  • Incident Cost by End User