US Postal Service

Integration with Major Shipping Provider, USPS

USPS helps customers with high volume shipping needs. Increased productivity, shipment visibility, and the ability to analyze your shipping costs are just a few benefits that USPS will provide your business.

MasterTools integrates completely with USPS by importing and exporting data between the databases. The process begins by defining the relationship between MasterTools and USPS. Data relating to the customer found on the sales order or pick ticket document is imported into USPS based on the import mapping. The shipment is then processed in UPS WorldShip and data including package, weight, tracking number, and shipping charges are automatically exported back to MasterTools.

After data is exported back to MasterTools, you have the option of automatically creating a customer invoice including the shipping charges incurred from USPS.

Integration between MasterTools and USPS allows your business to process shipments more efficiently by transferring information within seconds. This process saves time and reduces data entry errors.

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