Time & Attendance

Employee Time Tracking

Manually entering time card regular and overtime hours can be eliminated by utilizing the MasterTools Time and Attendance module. This module may use an integrated time-check or a PC for data collection. The time data is then updated into the Time and Attendance module. Employee time in and time out transactions are matched to calculate net time worked which can then be imported into time cards.

Initially, the employee schedule is set up in the shift maintenance of the Payroll module. Each day is defined with parameters such as begin and end time, earliest time in, latest time out, smallest fraction of an hour in minutes used in calculation, minutes to deduct for lunch and minutes early and late to round to the next fraction of an hour. After the schedule or shift is defined, the employee in and out transactions are matched applying the above rules and net time is calculated.

After the matched payroll time transaction has been created, a time card preview can be run for any pay frequency, such as day, week, etc. Following the review of an accurate preview where overtime can also be calculated, time cards may be created.