Sales Analysis

Measure Your Success

The future of your company is guided by the success of your sales efforts. MasterTools answers all of your critical questions: what items are best sellers, which salespeople are most effective, who is purchasing your goods, and how your sales compare to previous time periods and established goals. The Sales Analysis module houses the salesperson master file, allows for entry of sales forecasts, creation of sales forecasts from history, generates commissions and produces a variety of sales reports by salesperson, customer, or item.

The salesperson can be associated with an employee ID, or a vendor ID for contract salespeople. The salesperson master file also indicates whether the salesperson’s commission is a function of the customer, the item, the salesperson, the G/L account number, or a combination of the above.

Commission transactions can be added manually, or can be generated in the form of a commission statement using either invoices from a given date range, or by using paid invoices only from payments in a given date range. Depending upon the commission code, commissions are calculated utilizing gross sales, cost of sales, or gross profit as a basis. Once the commission statement is generated and reviewed, the statement can update commission amounts on the salesperson master file and the invoices are updated to indicate commissions have been calculated. After the commission update, AP vouchers can be automatically created for commissions due to contract salespeople, and Payroll time cards can be automatically created for commission due to employees.

Reports Include

  • Item, Customer and Salesperson reports from Sales order detail
  • Item, Customer and Salesperson reports from Invoice detail
  • Item, Customer and Salesperson summaries displaying sales and profit figures period to date and year to date
  • Item and Customer Days Past Due