Quality Assurance

Quality Tracking and Tagging

Because your reputation is on the line with every product you produce, consistent quality is of paramount concern to you. MasterTools makes it possible to closely monitor your product standards. Quality Assurance allows you to track quality issues that are found at work order operation, at work order close, upon receipt of material, or in inventory. When a quality issue is identified, a rejection of the item occurs and a quality tag is created.

A quality tag identifies the item that has been rejected and the source of the rejection (i.e. work center, vendor, bin), and prints a description of the problem. To further enhance your item tracking capability, a quality tag can be printed with a bar code. The item is then held in an open status for quality disposition unless the quality tag type is set to automatically drive a quality disposition.

If an item is rejected at the work order operation, the raw material quantities and costs, as well as the labor costs throughout that operation are tracked and associated with the quality tag. After the quality issue is evaluated, a disposition can be made to return to vendor, return to stock, rework or scrap. Once the disposition is made, the quality tag is closed and inventory is updated and costs are then captured.

The Quality Assurance module assists you in pinpointing the source of problems, tracking associated costs, and associating reasons for the non-conformance of an item, vendor or work center

Reports Include

  • Open Quality Tags
  • Disposition Register
  • Quality Cost Analysis
  • Quality Reason Analysis