Project Management

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Track Cost and Billing for any Project

Project Management allows you to track cost and billing from the initial opening of a project to its final billing, whether it is construction, tooling, or any job shop project. A project is defined as any job that is specifically associated to a customer or client and is either partially or fully billed as a project. The project structure, or hierarchy, is defined as the project, the project phase, materials, labor, and other services associated to the project phase.

The project blends the characteristics of both the sales order in Order Entry, and the work order in Production Control. Like the sales order, the project holds ship to and bill to customers, sales person ID’s, tax status and code, credit code and status, terms code, customer PO number, ship via, as well as hold code and flow status. Like the work order, the project holds budgeted quantities and costs for materials, labor and other services. It also tracks actual quantities and costs.

Projects are established in project maintenance where project phases are determined and materials, labor and other services required at each phase are entered. Typically, after a project and its phases are created with budgeted costs, a material pick ticket for the initial phase can be produced. This reserves material and directs material handlers and shipping to the material to be picked out of inventory for the project. A purchase order can also be linked to required stock or non-stock material for the job phase. When picking is complete, a material issue transaction takes place to close the pick, moving inventory to the project. The material transaction can be done at the time of shipment, or when the shipper returns a signed receipt for the material. Note that the pick ticket is not required. During the course of the project, labor transactions can be entered increasing labor cost at the proper phase. Other service transactions can be entered to incorporate costs such as contract labor and outside services. A purchase order can also be linked to these services.

Either periodically or at the completion of a project, an invoice can be created. A project may be invoiced at the job level, the phase level, or at the detail level for materials, labor and other services at each phase. Billed cost, billed amounts, and contract prices are tracked at the level at which the project is billed. The invoice updates Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and the project itself. The invoice is visible in all accounts receivable functions.

Additional Features

  • Billing types include contract price at project, phase, and detail level, percentage, complete at project and phase level, quantity or unit billing at the detail level or cost plus a percentage at any level
  • Change order tracking
  • User-defined project attributes

Reports Include

  • Open Project Cost
  • Project Billing
  • Project Cost Variance
  • Project Profit
  • Project Valuation