Production Planning

Planning Material Requirements and Plant Capacity

Production Planning takes the guesswork out of planning material requirements and plant capacity. You can predict how much and when manufactured and purchased products will be required, and accurately schedule work centers according to your established capacity by utilizing manual, forward or back-scheduling. If any unforeseen changes occur the plan can be modified easily and instantly.

The Production Planning module houses material requirement planning (MRP) of finished goods, sub-assemblies, raw materials and components, capacity requirements of work centers and the scheduling of these work centers.

The MRP will take demand from the sales forecast and/or sales orders and calculate using the requirements time phased, aggregate or expedite mode. The MRP can be used to automatically create work orders and purchase orders. It is a bucket-less planning system allowing daily supply and demand to be calculated for your active production days, and can also be calculated for weeks, or months for any time horizon.  Pegging is available allowing you to show the individual supply and demand sources (i.e., sales orders, purchase orders, work orders, allocations on a work order, upper level demand).

The Capacity Requirement Plan (CRP) enables you to analyze the capacity of each work center as established by your production calendar and the work center exception calendar. Capacity is compared to work center requirements coming from open work orders, firm planned orders, and planned orders in the MRP. Capacities and requirements are displayed with percentage of capacity being utilized.

After capacities are analyzed, you can schedule work centers to perform operations on open work orders. The schedule takes into consideration capacities of work centers and timing in order to generate a finite schedule.