Product Configurator

Rules-Based Custom Product Configuration Tool

The Product Configurator module is a complete rules based configuration tool used to define a product with multiple options. The process begins by creating a configurable item in the item master, which may have a standard set of bill of materials and operations. The next step defines both features which may have multiple options to select from and rules that relate to the item from the feature specified. After the item features and rules are defined, the item may be entered as a line item on the Sales Order, and a configuration window allows selections of all options with rules applied after each selection.

Subsequent to the configuration in the Sales Order, a Work Order may be created for the configuration or the configuration may be handled as a kit in picking and invoicing. If it is processed with a Work Order, the Work Order is closed to a non-stock item and the non-stock item is then invoiced.

Representative Industries using the Configuration Tools include Marine, Electronics, and Packaging.