Fixed Assets

Manage Fixed Assets with MasterTools

In this module, depreciation and maintenance can be tracked for your fixed assets. Asset data such as location, serial number, life, purchase and sale price, as well as salvage value is held in the fixed asset master file. The system will hold multiple depreciation books on each asset (i.e., corporate, tax), and maintenance can be tracked according to a user-defined maintenance type (i.e., annual, preventative and monthly).

Depreciation is calculated on a periodic basis by generating a depreciation preview, which can then be updated or entered manually.

Depreciation methods include the following:

  • Straight Line Mid-Month 15th
  • Straight Line Full Month
  • Straight Line Mid`Month
  • Straight Line Half Year
  • Declining Balance Mid-Month 15th*
  • Declining Balance Full Month*
  • Declining Balance Mid-Month*
  • Declining Balance Half Year*
*Percentages can be associated