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Build Estimates Easily within MasterTools

The Estimating module enables you to create a quote or estimate for a new item using a template very similar to the work order in Production Control. The new item may be similar to a stock item and can be sourced from the stock item. After an item ID is established for the new item, the bill of materials and the routing or work centers for the item may be created. Unit costs and unit prices are predefined for the items in the bill of materials and for the cost codes associated to the work orders. After the bill of materials and router are defined in the estimate, material, labor, outside service, overhead, cost, price, and margin are visible at the bill of material, router and estimate level.

The estimate can also be created directly from an Order Entry quote, linking the estimate to a line on the quote. After the estimate is produced, a stock item may be created and/or a work order may be created from the estimate. The Estimating module is very effective in any engineer to order environment.

Reports Include

  • Estimate
  • Estimate Register
  • Estimate Profile
  • Open Estimates