Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable with MasterTools

Accounts Payable tracks all open vouchers entered into the Accounts Payable module or the Purchasing/Receiving module. Typically, vouchers entered into the Purchasing/Receiving module will include items that have been ordered through a purchase order and have been received. Vouchers entered into the Accounts Payable module create expense vouchers (i.e., rent, phone, etc.) for expenses where materials are not involved. MasterTools provides you with visibility of both voucher types from the Accounts Payable module.

You can choose to select vouchers for automatic payment through generalized queries that allow you to select by vendor, voucher, pay date, and mark to pay voucher. Manual checks can also be entered to pay open vouchers. Manual checks may also be created on demand for direct distribution to a general ledger account (no voucher), to transfer cash from on bank account to another, or to provide a customer refund for an outstanding credit memo.

Other features include the ability to prepay a vendor, make partial payments on a voucher, void checks in any period, and print or reprint checks.

Additional Features

  • Track and Print 1099's
  • Enter and post recurring vouchers
  • Voucher and Pay One-Time Vendors
  • Print Checks on Multi-part Forms, Preprinted Laser Forms, or Blank Safety Paper
  • Maintain Separate Payee per Vendor
  • Integration with CCH Zip Sales Tax

Reports Include

  • A/P Aging
  • Cash Requirements
  • Vendor Trial Balance
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Vendor Labels
  • Check Register